«Art Camp»

Art Camp is the creative camp for photographers at the Baltic Sea. It is comprised of master classes from photography masters from all over Europe and CIS, open-airs, works with models and make-up artists, and photo competitions!

Art Camp is a creative atmosphere, an informal dialogue with masters of photo art!

Art Camp – these are hundreds of professional and amateurs photographers from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia and Belarus which are united by one: they, as well as you, look at the world through a camera objective!


We have rethought the philosophy behind Art Camp.

No longer will it be just the main event of Your summer. Rather, we see it evolving into something more - a continuous communication throughout the year. Now, the first step is already made.

Last (but not least) - do come and read about what's in store for Art Camp 2013.

It's BIGGER, it's MORE INTERESTING. And 'Yes' - it's MORE FUN!



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Baltic International photofestival Art Camp 2013 is a unique event, not only in the Baltic States, but also within the territory of Western Europe.

In 2013, the festival will take place from 9 to 11 August in Ventspils, Latvia.


Photofestival Art Camp 2013 is organized by noncommercial association «Art Camp». The Baltic photofestival «Art Camp 2011» is organized with a view to popularize the art of photography, to raise photographers’ skill levels and to create a photo-community for a comfortable and productive communication between international photographers. 

The positive experience of the festival in previous years has attracted interest not only of Baltic photographers, but also of the international community. In 2013, the expansion of the territorial boundaries of the festival and the new enhanced program, taking into account the ideas of the participants of past events, are planned. 

The planned number of participants of Art Camp 2013 – 600-800 people, which is more than two times higher compared to previous years.

In 2013 at the festival Art Camp 2013 English will be an official language of event. With the participation of co-hosts from Western Europe the festival will gain a new international level. Besides lecturers from Baltic and Eastern Europe, teachers from European Union will give lectures and master classes at the festival. Hence, the lectures will be held in English and in Russian languages. 

In view of the statistics and wishes of participants of past festivals, in 2013, the program will be arranged in the following mode:

The lectures will be divided into three parts: main module, the module for professionals, and the module on make-up. Lectures and master-classes will be held by photographers from the Baltics and Eastern Europe. The module for professionals will also include lectures and workshops by photographers from the European Union.

With due regard for the estimated number of participants and the positive experience with the representatives of authority and infrastructure of Ventspils, the area of the photo festival Art Camp 2013 will expand significantly. The location of the festival will be a triangle, which includes camping "Piejūras kempings", a modern center for events "Jūras Vārti", tourist Hotel of Ventspils High School.

The part of the training and all entertainment events will be held at the campsite "Piejūras kempings". Camping is equidistant from "Jūras Vārti" and hotel (about 15 minutes’ walk) and is located 250 meters from the sea. 43 guest houses (in which you can book a room for living), indoor playgrounds, concert stage, café, barbecue areas and other places for recreation and entertainment are located at the camping area of 10 hectares. Also the camp site will be equipped by tent camp and parking. More information on "Piejūras Camping" can be found on the official website http://www.camping.ventspils.lv/.

Centre for running events "Jūras Vārti" will be a place for the main lectures. There is one of the best scenes of Ventspils, equipped with a modern sound and light equipment. Theater, opera and ballet companies, and modern Latvian and foreign bands appear on this stage. More information can be found on the official website of "Jūras vārti" http://www.jurasvarti.lv

In tourist Hotel of Ventspils High School, which can accommodate up to 400 guests, the greater part of the photofestival Art Camp 2013 participants could be accommodated. The building of Ventspils High School is located next to the hotel, it audiences, where some of the lectures and master classes also planned to held, are equipped with a projector, big screen and sound system. The brief information about hotel can be found at the infotainment site of Ventspils City http://www.visitventspils.com/en/things-to-do-in-ventspils/92/

During the festival, inside its territory, fair will be carried, including about 30 stands and retail spaces with a wide range of different products for photographers and make-up artists, which will be interesting to all Art Camp 2013 participants. 


Information center of the festival every day except Saturday*, will be at the Center of Performing Arts“Jūras vārti”

*On Saturday, 10.08.2013 the InfoCenter of the festival up to 16.00 will be on-site "Piejūras kempings" Vasarnīcu 56, Ventspils


You can still buy tickets for the Art Camp 2013.

For 100 Ls you will receive a complete package that includes: attendance of all lectures, workshops and recreational activities, a place for a two night accommodation in a hotel room, breakfasts, lunches, dinners and coffee breaks during the festival.  

Besides the educational and cognitive part, the extensive entertainment program will be proposed to guests and participants of the festival, which will provide a great recreation between and after classes. It will include: fashion and bodyart show, competitions and games, barbecues and informal communication with lecturers, the performance of bands and DJs, discos, as well as open-air, outing at the seaside and the streets of Ventspils.

Photofestival Art Camp 2013 - is a great way to combine business with pleasure. You will get a good rest, will find new friends and acquaintances, and also will get the unique knowledge that will serve you a powerful creative stimulant for a long time. Join Art Camp community, participate in the festival Art Camp 2013 and be in focus of event.

Alexander Lyapin

Alexander Lyapin is a photographer, a journalist, an art critic and a curator. In the 1980s he worked as a photojournalist at the agency "GP", for ten years worked as an editor of the newspaper "Vechernie Vesti" ("Evening News"), a few years was a head of the photo press agency "PHL photofeed". He teaches photography at the school "PhotoCult". Alexander Lyapin wrote hundreds of articles about photography. The publishing house "Art Book" set forth his album "Holes". He had numerous photo exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. At the present time for the most part, he exhibits in the projects with artists. He is a curator of the "Yagalery" photo-projects and the chief editor of the site Foto.ua and the magazine "Symbol".

Lecture «Art in Photography»


  • How to create, and not to repeat. How to become and to be an artist. Where to go and why.
  • Where to start? Start with yourself. Know this person.
  • Artist’s journey: Kill yourself to born again. Life between Scylla and Charybdis
  • Thinking patterns and artistic consciousness
  • Development of creative skills, the ability to see and feel, think and generate


Anna Voitenko (Ukraine)


Anna Voitenko born in 1979 lives and works in Kyiv. Studied in the art school «National House of Artists». In 2003 graduated from the National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute» (Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automation). She photographs since 2004.

Anna has focused her creative forces at work on documentary projects depicting the daily life of people. More than 20 of these picture stories were created. The largest project was designed to investigate the state of the traditional folk arts and crafts as part of world culture. The result of this work was the book «Isa», published in 2008, tells about the village, where the people have kept the tradition of the ancient basket weaving.

In 2011, Anna worked on a documentary about life in a closed environment of the world's biggest leper colony, which is located in Cairo, as well as created photo stories devoted to the Christian community, which is concentrated in the city of garbage in the capital of Egypt. In particular, explore the life of the Coptic children.

Anna Voitenko also is working on art projects with artists. The exhibitions «You illusion», «To Kill a photograph», «Shot», «Anticyclone» and others received wide publicity. Anna`s photo stories have been published in National Geographic, La Letre Moniter, FOCUS, WEEKLY UA and others.

Anna Voitenko won several international awards, including the Grand Prix Award «Best Photographer 2009», the award of the photojournalism development foundation of Russia, formal performance bonus for 2008 of the «All photos roads program»; grant of Swedish-Ukrainian photo project «Urban Structure» in 2007; first place in photo journalism project «Psychiatry and Human Dignity» in 2006 and 2010 - NOOR, Nikon workshop on documentary photography.

Anna Voitenko works with French agency La Letre Moniter, channel ICTV. 


Topic: «The History of Photography. Global themes nearby»

Very often photographers complain about the lack fact that all filmed ... However, it's not like that. Very interesting, bright threads could be found right under your feet. My lecture is about how to find a theme and to shoot it so as it becomes interesting, important and unique.

Dmitry Miroshnikov (Russia, Moscow)

Russian wildlife photographer specializes in underwater photography. The winner of such competition as «Travel Photographer of the Year», «Sony World Photography Awards», «Best fotograf'11», the finalist of «Golden Turtle». An exhibitions of Dmitry Miroshnikov held in Russia, the UK, Spain, Serbia, Ukraine. Dmitry Miroshnikov is a member of «The World through the eyes of the blogger».

Dmitry Miroshnikov was born at 1979 in Moscow, Russia. He graduated from MIPT, Ph.D. Works in the IT-industry, currently CEO of iSimpleLab.

He has been diving since 2006, underwater photography since 2008, has made more than 400 dives in various countries: South Africa, Costa Rica, Ecuador, the Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, and Maldives.

In his work combines documentary and art photography, filming project «Unreal Reality» - a different world, a parallel universe, which is next to us at the water's edge.

Personal webpage: www.miroshnikov.me

Blogs: http://namgul.livejournal.com, www.facebook.com/namgul, http://500px.com/namgul


The lecture «Introduction to underwater photography»

  • What to shoot?
  • Which technique? 
  • Where to shoot? 
  • How to shoot? 

«Wildlife Photo Contest» 

  • how to participate, which is estimated, which is especially

Martin Vrabko


Master QEP (FEP)

Leadership Award 2011 (Internacional Photography council)

President of Association of Professional Photographers of Slovakia (APFSR)

Member of the Master QEP and QEP jury (FEP)

Awarded the prestigious Master QEP by FEP and “The Leadership Award” in the field of portrait photography, by The International Photography Council which operates under UN auspices, both in 2010.

Born in 1971 in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Chairman of the jury of FEP’s European Fine Art Photograph of the Year Award in 2011.
Lectures and exhibits his work internationally at photographic forums and congresses such as France, Ireland, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Denmark.
Runs a studio in commercial and portrait photography in Slovakia.


Oleg and Tamara Patreevi (Latvia)

Favorite lines are classic landscape and wildlife photography. Repeatedly won competitions, their work has been published in the Russian magazine photo (Photo Art), Auto Sport and others. The master class will share the secrets of shooting wildlife and illustrate them with concrete examples.

Their work can be found here:





It is preferably to have on master class:

  • camera
  • tripod
  • filters

Plan of the master class «Shooting in nature»

  1. Equipment
    • Camera
    • Lenses
    • Filters
    • Polarizing filters
    • ND filter
    • Neutral gray gradient filters
    • Tripod
    • Elements of energy supply
    • Hood
    • Remote Shutter Control
    • Clothing, footwear
  2. Tips for shooting nature
  3. Organization
  • Glance directing lines
  • Subject, mood and atmosphere.
  • Texture
  • Natural phenomena
  • Silhouettes
  • Glare (hares)
  • Depth of field
  • Shooting animals

Svetlana Petrova (Russia, St. Petersburg)


  • Hasselblad Masters 2010 semifinalist
  • Bronze award FEP 2011
  • Grand Prize at the International Competition of commercial photography «Master 2009»
  • The second, third place in the category «Nature» in the international competition of commercial photography «Master 2009»
  • Special Prize «For the perfection of technique» in the international competition of commercial photography «Master 2009»
  • Winner of «The Best of Russia» nomination for «Nature», 2009.


Theory (shooting horses)  

  • Means of shooting;
  • Work with the camera settings
  • What to shoot
  • Scenes: from an idea on paper to implement
  • Shooting safety when taking pictures of animals
  • Working peculiarities with horses
  • Camera angles and viewpoint
  • Shooting an exterior and a portrait
  • Shooting competitions and shows
  • Learn to handle difficult shooting situations
  • Use of studio lighting
  • Photographer`s team


Practice: shooting at dawn

Irina Salish


The teacher of Make Up Atelier Paris in Riga, the visagiste of Mrs. Universe 2009 final competition, the visagiste of young executants competition New Wave in Jurmala, the visagiste of Riga Fashion Week, the triple champion of Baltic on a fantasy make-up with body-art elements, the prize-winner of the open championships on a make-up, a member of the Baltic Association of visagistes (Latvia).


Lolita Uguryan-Tumilovich

Roman Kaboshko and Evia Blagaya

The School of special effects and make-up "COLEX". Speciālists of special effects, film and theater makeup, Roman and Evia are involved in the shooting of videos, movies and fairy tales, do their own art show.


Master class on special effects.

Person transformation, using make-up, in various monsters, werewolves, vampires, fantastic characters etc., also creation of various wounds, damages, other unusual changes of a skin and external look entirely.

(he uses for work - PRO products, latex, gummosis, plaster, plasto vax, blood etc., also a complete spectrum of decorative cosmetics)

Gunars Binde


«Where erotica ends and pornography begins»

«The conflict in the arts»


Registration and accommodation of photo festival «Art Camp 2012» participants will begin on August, 9th (Friday) at 12:00 at the Center of Performing Arts“Jūras vārti”.

Information center of the festival every day except Saturday*, will be at the Center of Performing Arts“Jūras vārti”

*On Saturday, 10.08.2013 the InfoCenter of the festival up to 16.00 will be on-site "Piejūras kempings" Vasarnīcu 56, Ventspils

20 lectures and creative meetings with photo masters, and also body-art and make-up master classes, competitions and the entertaining evening program will pass in three days.

Festival closing on Sunday at 14:00.





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Organizers` contacts (any questions)

Mob. (+371) 28292249 (Ilona, Art Director)

Mob. (+371) 29468696 (Igor, Director, responsible for the realization of the project)

Mob. (+371) 26613515 (Nikolay, Development Director)

Mob. (+371) 29787716 (Olga, registration and accommodation issues)

E-mail: info@artcamp.lv

Our contacts in Saint-Petersburg

"Art & Vision Group"

Моb. +7-921-747-32-38 (Natalja)

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Our contacts in Belarus


phone: +375 44 776 13 32 (Sergey)

e-mail: latvija@znyata.com

Photocenter "Остров"

 phone +375 293 89 06 89 (Aleksey)

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Our contacts in Estonia

PositivePhoto OÜ
Narva mnt 7b, Tallinn, Estonia
+372 555 66 660
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The campaign "Take a traveling companion"

 If you are coming to the festival by car and you have vacant seats or if you would like to join someone who travels by car, take part in the campaign at Art Camp Facebook page.